About JSC "Aloteksa"

JSC "Aloteksa" was founded in 2001 by a group of people with great experience in the field of textile and clothing, who decided to work with foreign clients by carrying lithuanian linen products.


Since founding, JSC "Aloteksa" has been working with various Lithuanian small and medium-sized textile companies and artisans. The created business connections allow offering original, natural and beautiful production of linen, wood, wool, ceramics and other materials.


Currently JSC "Aloteksa" performs various activities:

  • - Representation of Lithuanian producers, country and crafts;
  • - Selling of Lithuanian products, made of natural materials;
  • - Participation in fairs and exhibitions in Lithuania and Europe;Image
  • - Agent activities between foreign clients and Lithuanian producers.


Representation of country, crafts and producers

Lithuania has old traditions of production using natural materials. Linen, wood and amber have been widely used in everyday and luxurious products since the old times. Numerous talented artisans in Lithuania managed to maintain their skills and now create original and beautiful clothes, household items, souvenirs and other products.


JSC "Aloteksa" presents the production of Lithuanian artisans and small/medium-sized producers. They create clothing and items for modern people with an influence of national style and details of Lithuanian country. Numerous products are created with much hand work and using handicraft methods.


Lithuanian products of natural materials

JSC "Aloteksa" is offering Lithuanian products of linen, wool, wood, ceramics, amber and other natural materials:
  • - Clothing
  • - Accessories
  • - Health products
  • - Kitchen textile
  • - Bedding
  • - Household items
  • - Souvenirs
  • - Toys
  • - Decorations


The products are original, beautiful, natural and healty.


Fairs and exhibitions

The company participates in various textile, natural products and other fairs in Lithuania and Europe. JSC "Aloteksa" presented Lithuanian products in such fairs, exhibitions and holidays as "Green week" in Berlin, Germany,

Easter fair in Rouen, France, holidays in Punsk, Poland, "Linen holiday" in Lithuania, etc.


In these fairs JSC "Aloteksa" presents various Lithuanian linen, wood, amber products and souvenirs. Participation in international fairs provides information about the needs in different European markets and allows to offer the clients new and modern products of natural materials with a tast of Lithuanian style.


Agent activities

JSC "Aloteksa" performs agent services in textile and other spheres. The company helps foreign clients find Lithuanian producers, which can offer their production or execute orders of clients. Lithuanian producers distinguish by the quality of their work and ideas, therefore such collaboration is useful for all parties.