Bee Bread


Bee bread is the fermented pollen stored by the bees in their combs. It is a natural remedy used to strengthen one's health and enrich the body with biologically active components. Bee bread is known to improve heart activity, strengthen the nervous system, reduce the blood pressure, stop the accumulation of fats in the blood vessels as well as improve the immunity of the whole body.


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Bee Bread


Bee bread is rich in vitamins, protein, fatty acids, carbohydrates, minerals and microelements.

Bee bread is absorbed 3-10 times better by the body than bee pollen.



- treats physical and mental fatigue, improves your mood;

- supplements vitamin deficiences;

- can be used to regain strength after various illnesses;

- strengthens the immune system;

- treats the digestive tract disorders;

- treats atherosclerosis, can be used as a preventive measure;

- can be used to prevent anemia;

- helps treating heart and bloodstream disorders;

- treats metabolism disorders;

- eliminates toxic elements from the body;

- helps when suffering from diabetes;

- strenthens the nervous system.



Recommended to consume 1 tablespoon of bee bread per day when using as a preventive measure.

When used to restore the body - up to 3 tablespoons per day.

It is best recommended to mix the bee bread with honey in proportion 1:2.


Net weight: 100g.



Bee bread can increase gastric acidity. Bee bread rarely causes allergies. It is recommended to consult a doctor and an apitherapist before using bee bread to treat diseases.

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